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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

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How to choose a long distance trail guidebook from The Trails Shop

How to choose a long distance trail guidebook

Planning a long distance trail but not sure which guidebook is best? Our guide to the top trail guidebooks compares mapping, format, size and features. Everything you need to start planning your adventure!

The best daffodil walks this Spring

Nothing says spring like a Daffodil! If like Wordsworth you're a sucker for a daffodil then we have just the map for you. We've listed places you can visit to get a great view of our favourite yellow flower.

Dust those boots off, the sun has come out!

Just when we thought it would never stop raining spring has arrived. All of a sudden the sun has come out, daffodils are in bloom, birds are singing, and our thoughts are turning to going for a walk.

Taking a dip?

Wild swimming, swimming in the river, taking a dip: whatever you call it there is nothing as invigorating as an outdoor swim in cold water, surrounded by nature. Little wonder that this is an increasingly popular way to keep active.

Choosing the right walking companion – your drink bottle

We all know how important the right walking companion is on walk. But have you considered the importance of the right water bottle?

Finding a walk near you

At this point in lockdown, you may feel you have exhausted all the walks you know in the local area. So why not use our useful guide to online resources that will help you find and plan a new local walk or discover local green space that you didn’t know existed!

1000 Mile Socks - choosing the right pair

It can be daunting looking at all the options for walking socks – they all seem so technical, which are the right ones for you?

Here’s our guide to help you choose the right pair.

What to do about blisters

Most of us will have had a blister at some point - they can be disproportionately painful and even a small one can seriously spoil a good walk, but what can you do about them?