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1000 Mile Socks - choosing the right pair

1000 Mile Socks - choosing the right pair

It can be daunting looking at all the options for walking socks – they all seem so technical, which are the right ones for you?

Here’s our guide to help you choose the right pair.

1000 Mile socks are either double or single layered. The double layered socks have a thin inner liner that reduces friction – these come with the blister-free guarantee.

1000 Mile All Terrain Double Layer sock - £13.49 a pair

1000 Mile All Terrain socks

These are shorter than a standard walking sock, coming to just above the top of a standard pair of walking boots. They are perfect for summer walking. The double layer construction keeps feet cool and reduces friction.

These are ideal for use with walking shoes or trainers or for people whose feet get very hot.

1000 Mile Double Layer Fusion sock - £15.99 a pair

1000 Mile Fusion sock

This sock is much more padded than the All Terrain sock, and is longer, it is mid-calf length. It is the ultimate walking sock for use with walking boots and is covered by the blister-free guarantee.

2 Season Walk sock - £13.99 a pair

1000 Mile 2 Season sock

These are specifically for use in warm weather, they are more padded than the All Terrain socks, and are longer in the leg. Perfect for use with walking boots in the summer.

3 Season walk sock - £15.99 a pair

1000 Mile 3 Season socks

Made with merino wool these socks offer comfort and temperature control all year round. They are truly excellent walking socks.

1000 Mile Walk sock – twin pack - £16.99 for 2 pairs

1000 Mile Walk sock

These are great value for money - 2 pairs of snug, comfortable, great quality socks with a loop-stitched pile and added padding for comfort. 

Choose the same size sock as your foot size. If you have a narrow fitting (D or less for men, B or less for women) or are on the border between sizes you should go down a size. The sock should be a snug fit with no wrinkles.

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