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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

Pennine Bridleway woven sew-on badge

£ 4.50

The Pennine Bridleway is a 205 miles (330 Km) long National Trail running through the Pennine hills from Derbyshire to Cumbria. The trail is designed specifically for bikes and horses and offers stunning hillside scenery and crosses an ancient packhorse bridge in the village of Wycoller. The badge shows a National Trail waymarker backed by a distant mountain.

Whether you're planning to walk the trail or have just finished it, this badge make a perfect adornment onto your rucksack or lapel to show everybody your love for this fantastic trail experience.

Rectangle Badge: 75mm x 62mm

How about a Pennine Bridleway completion certificate to go with your badge? You can view them here.