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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
What's in your rucksack?-The Trails Shop

What's in your rucksack?

Chilly's bottle
The answer very much depends on where you are walking and what the weather is, but pretty high on everyone’s list should be some water.

But what to carry it in? We’ve been taking that question pretty seriously and have been looking very hard for the perfect bottle. It has to be leak proof (that is essential), it has to be unbreakable, and it has to be nice to drink out of. We don’t like tubes or bits that are hard to keep clean. Then we considered plastic, glass, metal … and of course what it looks like.

We hope you like the ones we’ve decided to stock in the shop. They’re called Chilly’s bottles and the clue is in the name, they are insulated. Now I’ve had metal insulated drink containers before and they have generally been very disappointing - not so with these ones. I filled mine with ice cubes and left it in my warm kitchen to see how long the ice lasted - 40 hours later, despite me opening it lots of times to see, there was still ice in there. I call that pretty impressive. Hot drinks stay hot too - it really is properly insulated, but not too heavy.

And they are very stylish.

So if, like us, you are looking for the perfect bottle for your next walking trip why not give one a try. Have a look at the range here.
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