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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
Shop and support the National Trails-The Trails Shop

Shop and support the National Trails

It’s not necessarily something you’d think about, but just by shopping online you can help support the National Trails we all love. Even better it won’t cost you anything.

Maintenance of the National Trails is funded by government, but like all publicly funded projects money is tight these days. It’s even worse for the promotion work which isn’t funded at all, the website and social media work is provided for free by Walk Unlimited.

We’ve signed National Trails up to a scheme called Easy Fundraising. It’s a fabulous idea. Anyone can join and pick a cause to support. Every time you shop online the retailer makes a donation to your cause. National Trails benefits, and you don’t pay anything.

It’s really easy to do, simply sign up with your email address and a password (it’s completely safe, the great people behind Easy Fundraising won't share your email address with anyone) and start shopping.

There is a helpful donation reminder which you can install which will make sure you never forget to activate your donation. You will probably be surprised how many retailers will donate on your behalf. If you shop on your tablet or smart phone there is an app you can download, it makes it really easy, and might save you having numerous shopping apps on your phone.

So, when you are doing your online shopping this Christmas, or buying insurance or even doing your weekly supermarket shop you could be raising money to help National Trails.
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