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Dust those boots off, the sun has come out!

Dust those boots off, the sun has come out!

Just when we thought it would never stop raining spring has arrived. All of a sudden the sun has come out, daffodils are in bloom, birds are singing, and our thoughts are turning to going for a walk. 

It's time to get planning, whether you are up for a long distance walk, or want to find somewhere new for shorter walks, now is the time to get moving. 

If you are thinking about a long distance walk you will need to crack on with booking accommodation - it fills up fast especially on coastal trails and the most popular routes. But did you realise that you can do some trails in a series of day walks using public transport? The ever-popular South Downs Way and North Downs Way are easily accessed by public transport, meaning you don't need to worry about accommodation, and you can still enjoy a pint at the end of your day's walk. If you are struggling to find accommodation have you considered walking the trial in the less popular direction? That can make it much easier to find places to stay. Some of the guidebooks, in particular the Trailblazer and Cicerone books, describe the trails in both directions so you have the choice. 

For many people the thought of travelling is still a bit daunting, but there are lots of great walks to enjoy all over the country. We have an excellent selection of short walk guidebooks, including some exciting  new city walks books. Most of our short walk guidebooks have walks between 3-6 miles long, and are in a handy pocket-sized format. Even if you know an area well we think you will find somewhere new to explore. 

Once you have the sunshine and the guidebook what else do you need? We'd have to say a good pair of socks. If you haven't had your boots on for a while you might be at risk of a blister. No-one enjoys blisters, and good socks are the best way to avoid them - check out our range of 1000 mile socks - we truly believe they are the best walking socks you can buy. You can also check out our blog on which ones are right for you. 

The more image-conscious might want to pick up a stylish 'Love the Outdoors' t-shirt, or a 'Sea to Summit' hoody (ok, it's not summer quite yet). If you are walking a National Trail you really need the slightly more retro 'Follow the Acorn' t-shirt or hoody. Check out our clothing range to see more. 

Our advice is to just get out there, enjoy the fresh air and the boost to your mental health from being outside seeing and nature wake up. 

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