Whan That Aprille


Whan That Aprille

Whan That Aprille by Heather Lacey provides an exploration of the South Downs Way in Hampshire.

Born and bred in the London suburbs, Heather's great escape in her youth was those wonderful green London Country Buses, enabling her to roam in fields of North West Kent.

Leaving school at fifteen, she swore never to go into a school again. However, useless at keeping promises to herself, following higher education she spent over thirty years enjoying teaching English to teenagers in Kent. Eventually, having despaired of ticking boxes rather than broadening the knowledge, understanding and interest of the subject for her students, she almost managed to escape, becoming a supply teacher (or ‘Super-Teacher’ as she prefers to call it).

With the greater freedom she now has, Heather has enjoyed devoting her time to her many and varied hobbies, including walking.

Her dalliance with the South Downs Way was spoiled by two things: terrible weather and the lack of a book about the area which would satiate her curiosity. Unable to do anything about the weather, she decided to find out curious and interesting things about the people, places and history either side of the South Downs Way.

By the time she reached the Hampshire/Sussex border, she’d found enough to fill a book.

Hardback. Published 2016.

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