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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

The England Coast Path: Exploring the World's Longest Continuous Coastal Path - second edition

£ 18.99

Second edition of the popular guidebook to things to do on the England Coast Path. 

This book describes over 1,000 mini-adventures and things to do on the English Coast. It is not a guidebook to the England Coast Path. 

England has the most spectacular variety of coastline in the world. from rugged rock-faces to sunken sands, secret caves to prehistoric beaches, uninhabited islands to ancient woodland the predates human civilisation. 

Access to this amazing coast is being opened with with the development of the King Charles III England Coast Path. This fantastically detailed guide has been fully updated for the second edition with spectacular aerial photography and 100 additional adventures on newly opened sections of path. The book now features 1,100 different things to see and do along the route. 

In 2018, author Stephen Neale spent months surveying the proposed route of the England Coast Path, and from that experience has written a fantastically detailed and rich guidebook covering the route itself, along with everything from the best places to swim, hunt for fossils and eat seafood to hidden away beaches and canoeing spots.

The bulk of the book is divided up into the 16 coastal counties and features 1,100 places to see, explore, camp and adventure around the coast. Each place has map coordinates, basic directions to it from the path and a short description. Walkers can either visit specific places or link highlights together, walking between them along the path.

Second edition - Published 2022