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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

Hadrian's Wall Path woven sew-on badge

£ 4.50

The Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail is a 84 mile long trail which treks coast to coast along the World Heritage site of Hadrian's Wall. The trail passes Roman settlements and forts and offers a fantastic insight into the old world which used to be on this land. The badge shows a point on the trail called Sycamore Gap which is (who'd have guessed) a gap in the wall where a beautiful old sycamore tree stands.

Whether you're planning to walk the trail or have just finished it, this badge make a perfect adornment onto your rucksack or lapel to show everybody your love for this fantastic trail experience.

  • Circle Badge: 75mm diameter
  • Rectangle Badge: 75mm x 62mm

How about a Hadrian's Wall Path completion certificate to go with your badge? You can view them here.