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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

Countryside Dog Walks - Snowdonia

£ 8.99

This is the perfect book for dog owners looking for walks in Snowdonia. All of the 20 walks are stile-free, and even include advice on places for your dog to get a drink. The walks are between 1.5 and 7.6 miles long, and are graded easy to challenging, so there is something for everyone from the old dog to the liveliest of youngsters. 

With over a hundred stunning photos set in beautiful Snowdonia this book will be sure to inspire to explore new dog walks. The information is concise and easy to read. No stiles for your dogs to jump and every effort has been made to ensure safety. Local facilities are included and any dog-friendly aspects of the walks are featured.

Each walk is individually graded and mapped out nice and simply. The routes are set with three or four main points to look out for.

This Countryside Dog Walks in Snowdonia book highlights places where leads are needed and any possible waterholes for your dogs. Any potential hazards such as livestock, roads or private land are also mentioned.  

The walks included in this book are all designed so that you and your wet-nosed friend have a really enjoyable time. Where there are stiles, they are specially designed with lift gates for dogs. At a quick glance, there is information at the beginning of each walk to tell you what to expect and what you may need to take with you. The descriptive guides will also warn of any roads ahead or areas of livestock so that you can get your dog on the lead well in advance.

Published by Wet Nose Publishing, reprinted 2017