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25 March 2022
"I wandered lonely as a cloud..."

The Best Wild Daffodil Walks this Spring

Nothing says spring like a Daffodil!  If like Wordsworth you're a sucker for a daffodil then we have just the map for you. We've listed places you can visit to get a great view of our favourite yellow flower. We've also added some excellent short walk books that you can buy to take with you, giving you access to the best short walks in the area...why not pen a poem whilst you're there!

Check out our map below featuring all of the best wild daffodil walks and locations in the UK.

Daffodil Walk FAQs

Where Can I See Wild Daffodils?

Using our map above, you can see some of the famous locations where these beautiful flowers bloom. Some of the best locations to see wild daffodils include Bodnant Garden in Colwyn Bay, Clumber Park in Worksop and Osterley Park and House in Isleworth. If you are looking for more of a daffodil walk, check out our short walk guides to guide you along the way.

What Month do Daffodils Bloom in England?

March and April are the best times to see the daffodils in full bloom in England. Often considered the first sign of spring, you will find golden daffodils blooming in many iconic places such as Cotehele, near Saltash in Cornwall, and Chartwell at Westerham in Kent. Check out our map above for more places to see wild daffodils.

Is It Safe to Touch Wild Daffodils?

While they are very aesthetically pleasing, you should be aware that wild daffodils are poisonous to humans when ingested. If you partake in a daffodil walk, do not touch the wild daffodils without washing your hands afterwards. If you notice any of the following symptoms after touching or accidentally ingesting wild daffodils, you should seek medical evaluation and treatment: severe throat pain, trouble swallowing or drooling.

Short Walks Guidebooks

Browse a selection of our circular and short walk guidebooks. You can view the full range here.