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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

Coast to Coast

£ 14.99

Published in 2018 Rucksack Readers expanded and fully revised second edition of this guidebook covers the challenging coast-to-coast walk from St Bees on the Cumbria coast to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea. 

Freshly commissioned mapping with relief colour and 25-metre contour interval appears on 25 of its pages. It covers many of Wainwright’s preferred route options, but it weighs under 300g/10 oz.

This guidebook contains all you need to plan and enjoy the Coast to Coast:

  • concise directions (revised 2018) for the route walked west to east
  • 25 pages of easy-to-follow mapping (1:55,000)
  • altitude profiles for each section and for route options
  • background on geology, history and wildlife
  • pros and cons of high-level route options
  • ten top tips from experienced Coast-to-Coasters
  • bonus content free to download
  • contact details for accommodation and transport
  • features on St Bees, Grasmere, Richmond and Robin Hood’s Bay
  • over 150 superb colour photographs
  • 126pp, 145 x 220mm, 300g
  • rucksack-friendly and on rainproof paper
  • lightweight, open-flat format - concealed wire binding allows book to lie flat when opened.

Published by Rucksack Readers July 2018.