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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
Looking for a great travel towel? Read Abbie's review-The Trails Shop

Looking for a great travel towel? Read Abbie's review

Bubel towel review

Abbie Barnes is a semi-professional filmmaker with a passion for the great outdoors.

Having completed many long distance walking routes, including several National Trails, she has made it her mission to inspire others to don their walking boots, head outdoors, and explore our many extraordinary natural wonders.

Having already walked the Yorkshire Wolds Way, The Ridgeway and the South Downs Way this year we thought she'd be the perfect person to test out our Bubel lightweight towels. Here's what Abbie had to say:

"When I’m out backpacking I generally overnight at official campsites; prices can vary considerably but I always make a point of getting value for money by utilising the facilities available which often means indulging in a refreshing shower.

Since I agonise over keeping my pack weight down, the last thing I would want to do is add a full-sized, heavy duty towel, so instead I opt for a travel towel – love them or hate them, they sure can come in handy.

A good travel towel should be compact, lightweight, fast drying, and soft. I recently got my hands on a Bubel Towel and was blown away by its quality and reliability. Most backpacking towels are one colour and rather drab to look at; the Bubel Towels however come in a fantastic array of adventurous designs that the user can proudly display in campsite showers.

The towel was incredibly gentle on the skin and dried reasonably fast even when the sun wasn’t shining. It wasn’t quite as lightweight or compact as some travel towels on the market but it absorbed considerably more moisture and left me feeling clean and dry.

Many towels begin to smell after just a few days use, but my experience of using the Bubel towel over a multi-day backpacking trip revealed the efficiency of the odour and bacteria repelling technology within the towel - it worked a treat, keeping it smelling neutral over many several on the trail.

Perhaps my favourite thing about these towels is their eco-friendly qualities; no PVCs or solvents are used during their manufacture and they are 100% recyclable. You can use them guilt-free, knowing your purchase is environmentally sound.

I would highly recommend these towels as an addition to your backpacking kit."

You can find out more about Abbie on her website and view our range of Bubel towels here.

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