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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

SmellWell shoe freshener and deodoriser

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SmellWell inserts are small bags that can be put into all kinds of shoes, bags or other places where bad smells can occur. By placing a SmellWell in, for example, your shoes overnight, the bad smell is removed and replaced by a fresh scent. Perfect for walking boots!

One of the main components of SmellWell is activated carbon, which has been used for hundreds of years as a natural way of cleaning and filtering both water and air. Activated carbon, which is made of bamboo, has a very large surface area that allows it to effectively absorb and neutralise bad smells, but also absorbs moisture. Bamboo is also good from a sustainability perspective because it is very fast growing, which means that felling does not affect regrowth.

Other materials in SmellWell consist of salts and minerals with hygroscopic properties, which allows them to absorb moisture from the air, in the form of sweat. The material is enclosed in a non-woven inner bag. This acts as a membrane by holding in all the components but allowing moisture to be transported from the shoe or training equipment into the bag.

Each pack contains two SmellWell inserts.