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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

Hadrian's Cycleway Map

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This linear map shows the route and immediate surrounding area over a series of separate map panels.

Hadrian's Cycleway is a 174 mile coast to coast route crossing the north of England between Cumbria and Northumberland.

This Sustrans Challenge route takes you through dramatic countryside, following the Cumbrian coast north from Ravenglass, the western extremity of the Roman frontier, then heading east along the length of the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site. Built in the 2nd century AD, significant portions of the wall still exist and the site also boasts remains of many Roman forts, bathhouses, temples, turrets, milecastles, and civilian settlements.

Normally cycled west to east, the route begins at the Glannaventa Roman Bath House, Ravenglass and ends at Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum at South Shields. Taking in magnificent coastal views, quaint villages, attractive market towns and numerous sites of Roman interest, the route offers the contrast of the Lake District and Northumberland national parks. Most people are able to complete the route in 3 days, but for those wanting to stop at the numerous attractions along the way it is likely to take 4-5 days.

This full colour map based on Ordnance Survey data shows clearly mapped cycle routes on traffic-free paths, quiet lanes and roads, with easy to read contours and route profiles. Also features detailed inset maps for the major towns and cities and suggested day ride routes.

Published by Sustrans 2019.