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Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more
Free UK delivery if you spend £45 or more

Wildo Camp-A-Box Light

£ 10.95
colour: Blueberry

Designed by Swedish company Wildo, Camp-A-Box® is the compact mess kit developed to meet all your requirements and not weigh an ounce more than necessary. It's cleverly designed to be functional, durable and lightweight. So even when nature tests you, you’ll know that you can handle it.

When weight matters, The Wildo Camp-A-Box Light contains just what you need for a light meal. Includes a plate with lid, a Fold-A-Cup and a Spork.

  • The Fold-A-Cup pops open from its folded position to form a cup or bowl. The fold ensures that it won’t drip after its emptied.
  • The Spork is a hybrid utensil where you get all your cutlery in one and still have a good grip. Zip your soup, hook your food, just turn 90° and cut with your knife. It’s lightweight and durable and all you need for a light meal in the outdoors. 

Available in Blueberry, Olive or Orange.

Please note that the images of the Blueberry, Olive and Orange kits show the Camp-A-Box Complete kit and are for colour purposes only.

Weight: 150 g/5 oz
Size: 19x13x5 cm/7.5x5/2 in
Material: PP, TPE

Want more? Wildo have the solution - the Camp-A-Box Complete.