Kupilka eco dishware

Whether enjoying a luxury dinner or camping in extreme conditions, Kupilka's products bring Nordic edge to your memorable outdoor moments. Kupilka dishware can withstand boiling hot water (+100°C) and sub-zero temperatures as cold as -30°C.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Light & durable
  • Ecological - made from natural fibre composite
  • Won't burn your fingers
  • Made in Finland
  • Not recommended for microwaves, stoves or open fires
  • Available in a range of amazing colours
 Kupilka 5 shot cup
A smaller version of the classic cup, the Kupilka 5 is perfect for your morning espresso.
Volume 5 cl / 1.69 fl oz
Weight 26g / 0.92 oz
Height 57 mm x width 43 mm x length 78 mm
Kupilka 21 classic cup
A beautiful and practical addition to your hiking gear, the Kupilka 21 keeps your hot drink hot without burning your fingers.
Volume 2,1 dl / 7.10 fl oz
Weight 83g / 2.93 ounces
Height 60 mm x width 93 mm x length 165 mm
Kupilka 37 two in one drinking vessel
Large enough for soup but still a practical size for your cup of tea.
Volume 3,7 dl / 12,5 fl oz
Weight 134g / 4.7 oz
height 74 mm x width 112 mm x length 180 mm
Kupilka SPORK 225
A handy fork and spoon combined into one.
Length 225 mm
Weight 16g

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